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{March 13, 2010}   Soft skill bahasa inggris I EA 13/ SCANDAL CENTURY BANK



This epilogue notes may be little help to break down and put everything in its place.

ie from the time sequence of events:

– November 2008 – Giving FPJP Rp 689 billion and making bank bailouts Century Rp 6.7 trillion (from November to July 2009).
– March 2009 – Director of PT Putra Rajawali Banjaran, Nasrudin Zulkarnaen was shot and killed.
– April 2009 – Boedi Sampoerna sent a lawyer named Lucas (with the letter Kabareskim Susno Duadji) to attract funds for 18 million dollars in the Century Bank (now Bank of Pearl).
– Apil 2009 – Commission smell something from the process of withdrawal of funds made Boedi Sampoerna Luke (assisted Kabareskrim Susno), although the money may indeed be the right customers (post-bail out).
– April 2009 – Hasi CPC audit found irregularities in the scheme Short Term Financing Facility (FPJP) of Rp 689 billion from Bank Indonesia to Bank Century.
– May 2009 – Antasari Azhar defined as the murder suspect Zulkarnaen Nasrudin with a number of people (businessmen Sigit Haryo Wibisono, Wiliardi Wizar, and the executor).
– July 2009 – Case of Bank Century explodes to the surface (after the presidential election and pengucurannya period “ends”).
– July 2009 – Kabareskrim Susno Duadji fly to Singapore to meet Anggoro technocrats (who was declared a fugitive by the Commission in cases of corruption in the Ministry of Forestry).Anggoro Susno pursuing recognition for “target” extortion cases (bribery) is done KPK leadership.
– August 2009 – Azhar Antasari was detained by police, took testimony on practices of bribery or extortion committed to Anggoro KPK officials, Anggodo brother. This testimony to be “ammunition” for the police to continue to investigate the Commission (which also is investigating the relationship of Luke-related efforts Susno Boedi Sampoerna withdrawals at Bank Century). Later Antasari stated that testimony was not its own initiative, but because the police requested.
– August-September 2009 – Police varying descriptions of the cases involving seeds and Chandra. Originally bans abuse of authority, and becomes extortion.
– September 2009 – DPR (long period) requested CPC to audit the case of Century Bank (date 1).
– September 2009 – Seed and the Chandra became a suspect (13).
– September 2009 – A week after that (on 22), President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono issued the Implementing Task Perppu of the Commission, to fill three seats are vacant leadership of the Commission (Antasari, Seeds, and Chandra).
– September 2009 – On 26, CPC re-issued a temporary audit contains findings about Century Bank bailout.
– October 2009 – Seeds and formally arrested and Chandra Cicak cases versus Alligators and massive spread, complete with playback of recorded episodes of intercepts and the emergence Anggodo et al (November 2009).
– November 2009 – Team 8 was formed and worked with the recommendations include:
cancel the charges against seed-Chandra;
ordered the investigation of the possibility of “conspirators” behind the seed-trapping Chandra; and
Further investigation efforts Boedi disbursement in Bank Century Sampoerna conducted Lucas (with the help of Kabareskrim Susno Duadji).

His conclusion: if the initial attraction is alleged financial scandal at the Bank Century, the episode Anggodo and his friends really only “small ripples” alone. Although, the emergence Anggodo intercepts and the recordings had a large open pandora box of judicial mafia practices (which is also not new).
Anggodo certainly no connection with Century Bank. Relationship is “intimate” with the police is a symbiotic relationship mutualism in the context of the police effort “balance game” the Commission was engaged Century Bank case. On the other hand, for Anggodo, this is an opportunity to liberate themselves from the case of bribery to extortion. The first will be placed (and Anggoro) as a suspect, while the second will just make it a mere victim witness (the complainant).
Meanwhile, if we observe the big picture Century Bank case dikucuri post-duit Rp 6.7 trillion (and its name was changed to Bank of Pearl), then what business do Boedi Sampoerna through his lawyer, Lucas (and dragging Susno Duadji’s name), for duitnya own interest for 18 million dollars from the Bank Century, is just one of hundreds of other businesses that may be specific customers that deposits of more than Rp 2 billion (LPS guarantee limit).
Dus, which occurred at Century Bank’s post-bailout decision of 21 November 2008 was a long queue of customers who want to withdraw cash each. Whether through “normal channels” and “race backing”. So no wonder if the original likuidtas needs estimated that only Rp 632 billion (after the injection FPJP USD 689 billion), swelled to $ 6.7 trillion. It’s just coincidence, the Commission sniffing process and Susno Luke lived. This happened in April 2009, which marked out a letter from Kabareskrim Susno Duadji.
Two months earlier, in March 2009, Director of PT Rajawali Banjaran Son killed by shot, and the new moon in May 2009, police set KPK Chairman Antasari Azhar as one of the suspects are involved, and is now undergoing trials. These two events could be completely separate, or may not. Who believe that both these cases relate are those who believe that there are systematic efforts to KPK menggembosi that during this soccer-confuse enough terjangnya blue corrupt networks and law enforcement in Indonesia.
Of course, this sexy story. But so far there is no evidence that clearly shows the correlation between the case of Century Bank and Antasari (murder Nasrudin Zulkarnaen). Advocates of “conspiracy theory” believe that both these cases related to each other and become part of a major project: knocked the Commission. This is associated also with simultaneous movement in the “front” the House of Representatives (August-September 2009), who were discussing the bill Pindana Court Corruption Act which authorized the Commission to investigate will be returned to the prosecutors or the police alone. The idea of “emasculate” the Commission is then crushed.
What is clear, after the Commission began to highlight hubugan Lucas and Susno withdrawing funds in an effort to Sampoerna’s Boedi, in August 2009, Antasari who was detained by police, took testimony about the practice of bribery or extortion committed colleagues on the Commission to Anggoro Widjojo, brother “the superstar “Anggodo. The Susno Duadji-Kabareskrim that still failed to convince management of Century Bank to attract 18 million dollars, after witnessing work directly Anggoro in Singapore. This is the beginning of the establishment of seed Samad Rianto and Chandra M Hamzah as a suspect.

Thus, there are now three Commission officials who were arrested: one man caught a murder case, two other cases of bribery or extortion. Itupun institutions are now only two people only: M Jasin and the Haryono Umar.

there are five issues that must be separated before a case by case:

1. The case of bank bailouts Century and all the technical issues and “wild ball politics” of his (November 2008). Individuals who are related are the policy makers (KSSK). Institutions are expected to participate mengurainya is CPC (state financial audit), KPK (related losses and the state money gratification), House of Representatives (the political process surrounding the decision-making).
2. Nasrudin murder case that dragged Antasari Zulkarnaen Azahar (March-May 2009). The perpetrators on trial. Agencies that deal with the police, prosecutors, and judicial power.
3. KPK suspected cases in the process of withdrawal attempts one customer of Bank Century post-bail-out – April 2009. Individuals who are Luke and related Susno Duadji. Institutions that (was) handling the case is Corruption Eradication Commission.
4. The case of bribery or extortion allegations made KPK leaders (seeds and Chandra) on Anggoro-Anggodo (August 2009). Related individuals are the leaders of the Commission (seeds and Chandra). This means that we keep open the possibility that cases of bribery or extortion

exists. Institutions that are dealing with is the police and prosecutors.
5. Suspected cases of criminalization and judicial mafia conspiracy to trap seeds and Chandra for something that (probably) never do (November 2009). Related individuals are all names mentioned in the Anggodo taped conversation intercepted Commission (including the Attorney General’s Office officials, Police Headquarters, and even institutions or individuals the President-because his name was also mentioned). There are no special institution to handle because all parties in the position of conflict of interest (either the Commission, Attorney General, Police, and the President himself).
With thinking like this structure, the team recommended to the President of the 8 mentioned the need for efforts to criminalize the Commission investigation through arrest Seeds and Chandra, also applies to the investigation of President SBY own self. Well, then which agency or who will take this task? Parliament through Questionnaire or Interpellation Rights? Or MPR?.


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