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{March 30, 2010}   TUGAS SOFT SKILL BHS INGGRIS II- pengulangan kelas I EA 13

NAMA                        : DIMASZ SHAYLENDRA

KELAS                        : 2 EA 11

NPM                           : 11208425

TGS SOFTSKILL       :           Pengertian Market

bagaimana jika menjadi manager

Market There are several definitions of the marketing of them is:
a. Philip Kotler (Marketing) Marketing is human activity directed to meet the needs and wants through exchange processes.
b. According to Philip Kotler and Armstrong is marketing as a social and managerial process that makes individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through creating and exchanging reciprocal products and value with others.
c. Marketing is a total system of business activities designed to plan, pricing, promotion and distribution of goods which can satisfy the desire and achieve the target market and company goals.
d. According to W Stanton marketing is a whole system of activities aimed at business planning, pricing, promoting and distributing goods and services that can satisfy the needs of buyers and potential buyers.
Concept Marketing
Core concepts of marketing meluputi: needs, wants, demand, production, utility, value and satisfaction; exchange, transaction and market relations, marketing and markets. We can distinguish between needs, wants and demands. The need is a state of feeling a certain lack of basic satisfaction. Desire is a strong will to satisfying the specific to the needs of the more profound. While demand is the desire for specific products backed by the ability and willingness to buy.
Marketing Management
Marketing management comes from two words namely management and marketing. According to Kotler and Armstrong is a marketing analysis, planning, implementation, and control of programs designed to create, build, and maintain beneficial exchanges with target buyers to achieve organizational objectives. While the management is the planning process (Planning), organization (organizing) mobilization (Actuating) and supervision.
So mean that Marketing Management is the analysis, planning, implementation, and control program designed to create, build, and maintain beneficial exchanges with target markets in order to achieve goals – goals of the organization.
From the above it can be concluded that marketing management is a planned activity, and covering diorganisasiknan distribution of goods, pricing, and conducted surveillance of the policies that have been created for the purpose of getting the market place so that the main purpose of marketing can be achieved.

Concept Marketing
The marketing concept says that the key to achieving organizational goals consists of determining the needs and wants of target markets and provide the expected satisfactions more effectively and efficiently than its competitors.
Marketing concept that has been expressed in various ways:
1. Discover and fulfill the market demand.
2. Make what you can sell and do not try to sell what can be made.
3. Love the customer, not your product.
4. Do it according to your way (Burger King)
5. You decide (United Airlines)
6. Do everything within the limits of the ability to appreciate the money laden customers with value, quality and satisfaction (JC. Penney).
In marketing there are six basic concepts of marketing activities of an organization that is: the production concept, product concept, the concept of sales, marketing concepts, the concept of social marketing, and global marketing concept.
1. Production concept
Production concept argues that consumers will love the products that are available everywhere and cheap. This concept is oriented on the production by mobilizing all efforts to achieve higher efficiency products and extensive distribution. Here is a management task to produce goods as much as possible, because the consumer is considered to receive the product widely available to their purchasing power.
2. Product concept
Said product concept that consumers will love the products that offer quality, performance and characteristics of the best. Management task here is to make quality products, because consumers are considered high-quality products like in appearance with the characteristics – the best properties
3. Concept selling
The concept argues that consumer sales, with the left just like that, organizations must implement sales and promotional efforts are aggressive.
4. Marketing concept
The marketing concept says that kunsi to achieve organizational goals consists of determining the needs and wants of target markets and provide the expected satisfaction more effectively and efficiently than its competitors.
5. The concept of social marketing
The concept of social marketing organization argues that the task is to determine the needs, desires and interests of target markets and provide the expected satisfaction in a more effective and efficient competitors daripasda while preserving or improving the welfare of consumers and society.
6. Marketing Concept Global
In this concept of global marketing, executive managers seek to understand all the environmental factors that affect marketing through a strategic management firm. ultimate goal is to try to meet the desire of all parties involved in the company.

Marketing System
The system is a group of items or part-bagia interconnected and interrelated in a fixed in form one integrated unit. So can mean marketing system is a set of institutions that perform marketing tasks of goods, services, ideas, people, and environmental factors that influence each other and shaping and influencing relationships with its market companies ..
In the group marketing items that are interconnected and interdependent that include:
1. Organizations that carry out joint marketing work.
2. Products, services, ideas or the human being marketed.
3. Target market.
4. Intermediaries (retailers, wholesalers, transportation agencies, financial institutions).
5. Environmental constraints (environmental constraints).
Marketing system is the simplest consists of two interrelated elements, namely the marketing organization and the target pasarnmya. The elements of a marketing system similar to the elements of the existing stereo radio system. Working separately, but at the time were brought together properly.
Macam – Macam Marketing System
a. Marketing system with vertical lines
In this system manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers to act in one alignment.
Control channel behavior  §
§ To prevent disputes between members of the channel
b. Marketing system with a horizontal channel
In this system, there is a cooperation between two or more companies are joining to take advantage of marketing opportunities that arise.
c. Marketing system with multiple channels
In this system some style with the settings pengeceran distribution and management functions are combined, then from the back of centrally led.
C. Environment A Marketing System
a. External macro environment.
The macro environment is:
a. Demographic (population).
b. Economic conditions.
c. Technology.
d. Social and cultural strength.
e. Political and legal powers.
f. Competition.
b. External microenvironment
a. Market (market)
b. Suppliers
c. Broker (marketing intermediaries)
c. Environmental Non– Marketing Intern
Strength of non – other marketing companies is the location, strength of research and development. Internal strengths are merged (interest) in the organization and controlled by management.


Conceptual skills (conceptional skills). Being mananjer must have the skills to create concepts, ideas, and ideas for the progress of the organization. Idea or ideas and concepts are then to be translated into a plan of activities to realize the idea or concept. The process of translation of ideas into a concrete work plan that is usually referred to as the planning process or planning. Therefore, skills, conceptual skills meruipakan also to make the work plan.

Skills relate to others (humanity skill). In addition, conceptual skills, managers also need to be equipped with communication skills or skills relating to other people, also known as human skills. Persuasive communication should always be created by managers to subordinates they lead. With a persuasive communication, friendly, and fatherly will make employees feel valued and then they will be open to the employer. Communication skills required, both at the level of top management, middle, or bottom.

Technical skills (technical skills). This skill is generally a stock for managers at lower levels. This technical skill is the ability to perform a specific job, such as using a computer program, fix the engine, making chairs, accounting and others.

This thing must be inggat by managers are:
1. Time management skills

It is a skill that refers to the ability of a manager to use the time they have wisely. Griffin filed a case Lew Frankfort of Coach. In the year 2004, as a manager, Frankfort paid $ 2,000,000 per year. If it is assumed that he worked for 50 hours per week with 2 weeks vacation time, then every hour Frankfort salary is $ 800 per hour-about $ 13 per minute. From there we can see that every minute wasted is very detrimental to the company. Most managers, of course, are paid far less than Frankfort. However, the time they have remained a valuable asset, and menyianyiakannya means a waste of money and reduce the productivity of firms.

2. Decision-making skills

Is the ability to define problems and determine the best way to solve them. The ability to make decisions is the most important for a manager, especially for groups of managers (top manager). Griffin made three steps in making the decision. First, a manager must define the problem and seek various alternatives that can be taken to resolve it. Second, managers must evaluate each of the alternatives and choose an alternative that is considered best. And finally, managers need to implement alternatives that have been her choice, and supervise and evaluate it to stay on the right track.


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