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{May 31, 2010}   Tugas soft skill bhs inggris/ 1 ea 13/ membuat kesimpulan bab 5 6 7

Bab 5

In conclusion: In the eyes of the World, Our economy is very very bad masi, addresses the longer we can include ranking in the world’s economic downturn. Even we can not compete from countries neighboring countries like Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. Therefore the role of government should be able to change the economics and the marketing concept in our country, so that our country can compete in the domestic economy or abroad.

Bab 6

In conclusion: A company must be able to control the market value in a product that is required to be done by the company in order to bring the satisfaction of the consumer. And the company must conduct promotion and product placement, and should underlie the existence kulitas marketed a product for, in order to achieve the things that are not in want of a value these products ..

Bab 7

In conclusion: Companies must prepare a strategy and targets for the marketing of a product is marketed and who want to have to have value in the product quality, so as not easy to compete with other products. Many ways to market a product, such as: Advertising products, conducting demos at strategic places. This can attract consumers to switch pandagan from other products, and switch to new products. The key to his success is not a marketing product, is the strategy be implemented by each company.


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